Featured Project: Counseling@Northwestern Homepage Redesign

I was tasked with redesigning a high-performing site without affecting conversions. We took advantage of an under-utilized accent color to create a vibrant and airy experience.

View the project here.


Stop Motion Recipe

I've been teaching myself a bit of animation and video to help liven up Tried & True's Instagram feed. I've primarily stuck to stop motion and have been having a great time learning through trial and error. This video was posted on Instagram to promote my upcoming recipe for a Korean-inspired rice dish.


Speech@Emerson Website Design

We took the challenge of creating a one page site that answered all the questions users would want to know about the degree program while still making this huge site inviting to scroll through.

View the project here.

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Portraits in New Mexico

I visited Santa Fe and took photos of the people I met, primarily, from a Santa Fe online bulletin board.

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Portraits in Vienna

Vienna was the eighth installment of my "Strangers from the Internet" project. 

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Feast Society Food Photography

I was hired by Feast Society to take messy, indulgent photos of paleo recipes. I hired a nail artist and hand model in order to successfully complete this project.

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Stop Motion Avocado Toast

This was my second attempt at stop motion. After shooting for Feast Society, I was inspired to bring solid bright backdrops into my food photography. I made a glossy maple-lemon vinaigrette that photographed really beautifully and worked perfectly as a stop motion video

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Taste Cooking Magazine: Chocolate Mousse Feature

I was hired by Taste Cooking Magazine to cook, style, and photograph chocolate mousse for their feature about the fluffy, decadent dessert. 

View the project here.


The Front Row Branding

I designed a cohesive and in-depth branding package for 2U's new podcast, The Front Row.

Counseling at Northwestern Graduation

I attended the first Counseling@Northwestern graduation and took photos.

MBA Society Logo Design

I was tasked with creating a logo for the social group dedicated to bringing employees with MBAs together.

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Icons for FanFit Gaming

In conjunction with a web redesign, I created some fun iconography for a gaming apparel and merch shop.

View the project here.

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