When I began leading the design and production team in April 2018, we were severely understaffed. I put my nose to the grindstone and focused on hiring and filling positions. I rallied leadership around the idea of hiring remotely and was soon able to fill 7 positions extremely quickly. By the end of the year, we added even more positions on top of that.

However, I found myself in a position where I knew how I onboarded employees by heart but realized I would soon need to delegate this process out to my team of design leadership. By early 2019, I dedicated myself to creating a robust onboarding deck, nearly 100 pages long.

This deck was created to act as a source of truth for new employees, particularly during the first two weeks at the company.

The first thing I did was develop a schedule and within each week (and day), I outlined exactly which meetings were to take place during that schedule and who was to lead those meetings. The week before the employee starts, whoever is responsible for onboarding is able to schedule all meetings and ensure that the employee will be set up for success and know exactly which stakeholders they will be meeting and when.

This deck has streamlined the time spent onboarding significantly and allows me to delegate this task out to the senior level members on my team, alleviating my involvement in the process.

The deck was created to be friendly, welcoming, and informative. It speaks to having a strong knowledge of how our team interacts with other teams and the core values of our design team. My intention with this deck is to not only give them the resources they need to have a sound technical knowledge of our team but to welcome them to our culture and give them a strong understanding of the spirit of our team.

Below are a few select screens of the onboarding deck. If you would like to see the entire deck, please email me at kylie@hellokylie.com